Email & Text Marketing With Automation

Empowering businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, email & text transactional messaging and marketing automation.


Our eMarketron platform combines a robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user-friendly solution. 

Pick The Tools You Need

Communicate and grow on one platform with email, SMS, landing pages, ads and more.

Do More In Less Time

Focus on the important stuff and put the rest on autopilot with automation.

Simple Page Creation

Build your campaign pages yourself, in just an afternoon, with eMarketron. Everyone can "Drag and Drop".

Business Empowerment
Let's Get After It

Make your business take off with the complete restaurant marketing DIY kit. 


Managed services also available. 


Grow - Sell - Engage

All the tools you need now and some you may realize you needed.

Be everywhere your customers are.

Email Marketing

Get the word out and sell more with sleek email messages that produce results.

SMS Marketing

Communicate more directly with customers for time sensitive offers.


Be there for customers when they have a question while browsing your website.

Give life to your customer journey.


Segmenting your customer database allows you to send targeted marketing messages and gain greater customer engagement.

Marketing Automation

Saves time and boost message performance by automating the segmentation process and sending your messages.

Transactional Email

Transactional messages are based on actions taken by your customer and are used to quickly respond to your customer.

Turn visitors into customers

Customer Relationships

Build stronger customer relationships by maintaining all your customers in a single place.

Sign Up Forms

Grow your newsletter and contact list using custom forms integrated into your website.

High Quality Content

Create a more engaging customer experience with vibrant email and landing pages dedicated to each email.

ResoHostMe's ResEasy App handles reservation and table management for any style of  booking or reservation concept in the hospitality sector.

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